Ergebnisse aus Prüfung & Show


11.11.2018 NRA Karlsruhe 
Richterin: Hannele Jokisilta F
Excellent type, nice head with correct expression, good forechest, strong bone, nice shape in body, for the moment topline should be straighter, lovely coat, nice temeparment, I would prefer low way tailcarriage, nice mover
Jüngstenklasse: Platz 1 vielversprechend

23.09.2018 LCD- Spezial- Rassehunde- Ausstellung
Richterin: Karen Helmers USA
5 months old bitch, yellow, very pretty baby, lovely dark pigment, balanced, pretty reach of neck, nice topline and tail set, shows and moves well
Babyklasse: Platz 1 vielversprechend